Cowboy Gobbo

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Cowboy Gobbo
Species Gobbo

The Cowboy Gobbo was to be the fifth type of Gobbo in Croc 2.


The only images of the Cowboy Gobbo show him as wearing a brown cowboy hat with a gold trim, a red bandana and a large golden sheriff badge. Both he and his village were scrapped from the game. He is not shown in any screenshots or videos, but was featured in several places, including the manual, and is one of the stickers used for the Croc 2 Memory Card.

According to issue #2 page 45 of the Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine (November 1999), Dave Stalker mentioned in an interview Croc 2 was to receive "Another Gobbo tribe to save, and there'll be forty-two levels to play through in total."[1] The Cowboy Gobbo also featured in several magazines, but rarely was he brought up in any articles.

Unlike the other Gobbo tribes, no in-game model has ever been found, even through the earliest of articles.