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Two Dantinis confronting Croc.

The Dantinis are one of Croc's worst enemies, and are Baron Dante's underlings. They are recognized by their evil laughs. There are several different varieties of Dantinis. Here is the list:

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Name Description Image
Running Dantini  Also referred to as Red or Chasing Dantinis, they are the first Dantinis you face and are the most common. They are red coloured dantinis with no armour or clothing, who only attack by chasing Croc around and touching him if he gets too close. They are considered the 'underlings' of the Dantinis. Sometimes when Croc gets close, the Dantini will not chase after him but will come to a sudden stop. Perhaps their most notable characteristic is the red mohawks atop their heads, most likely worn in tribute to their leader, Baron Dante.
Devil Dantini This type of Dantini has horns, is black, and attacks by shooting fireballs through a black pitchfork when Croc gets too close. The only two differences are that some walk and some stand on the spot. They usually laugh at Croc after they fire and when they respawn. Their sound is the regular "Hahahah". In some levels on Ice Island they shoot Iceballs. Croc encounters this enemy only once on Forest Island, but beginning on Ice Island, these enemies appear much more frequently.
Flaming Dantini This Dantini looks like a Running Dantini for a short time but will ignite sporting a flame on its back, becoming invincible until the fire dissapates. They appear in the secret Bonus Area in Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava and a few other levels in the game.
Ice Dantini Icy, blue and white coloured Dantinis that appear on Ice Island and attack by throwing snowballs at Croc. They have three ice like horns on their heads. Their sound is a unique "Rhaa" sound.
Tumbling Dantini Only one of this type is seen, in Forest Island in the level The Tumbling Dantini. It wears a green jester hat with yellow bells on it, wears an orange full body suit, has one green boot and one orange boot, and one green arm and one orange arm. It is immune to damage while rolling but can be attacked when it stops or when it's walking. It has no other attack than touching Croc. Their sound has a slight difference being a "muhahaha".
Bat Dantini Maroon Dantinis with bat wings who do not attack, but fly around. If Croc gets too close and ends up being touched by one, he loses crystals/lives and will fall off monkey bars. They do not have a noise like other Dantinis.
Swimming Dantini Green Dantinis wearing scuba gear who shoot with a trident and sometimes swim around. They have full scuba set, and their flippers can be seen. They appear in most underwater segments of the game, including The Deadly Tank of Neptuna. They are practically the same as the Devil Dantini with some swimming around and some standing still. They will not shoot fireballs at Croc until they are parallel to him, meaning that if Croc is below or above one, the Dantini will swim to align with Croc and will then attack him.
Stomping Dantini Purple Dantinis with a single horn on their heads who attack by stomping on top of monkey bars, making them difficult for Croc to use. If Croc is hanging onto the monkey bars below this Dantini when it stomps, Croc will be forced to let go of the bars, falling into whatever hazard awaits below. This Dantini say's "Hee-hee" before he stomps on the monkey bars.
'Smash and See' Dantini Dark green spiky Dantinis who can only be killed by smashing a box unique to the level (Smash and See) on which they walk on. Due to there being no crystals on this level Croc will die instantly if he is hit by this Dantini. When their path is eradicated by smashing the boxes, they will walk into the gap not realizing the danger, and fall into the bottomless pit below, sealing their fate. Their noise is unique making an "Huh?" then followed by a "Whaaaa" before they fall. This type of Dantini appears to be less intelligent than the other Dantinis because of how easily Croc defeats them.
Jumping Dantini Blue-Green colored Dantinis with brown horns. They jump between two places, attempting to prevent Croc's passage. These can be killed, like most Dantinis, with a stomp or a tail-attack.
Kidnapping Dantini A dark blue spiky Dantini who runs around, holding a Gobbo under his arm. He only appears in the level I Snow Him So Well in the Crystal Door Challenge and must be attacked to obtain the Gobbo. In the PC version, there is a green average speed version (I Snow Him So Well) and a super fast orange one (The Tower of Power). So there are two kinds of this type of Dantini.
After having taken a Gobbo.
From the PlayStation Version, in the level "I Snow Him So Well".

Croc 2

A Pirate Dantini.

The Dantinis in Croc 2 are modified from the original Dantini design in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - they are generally larger, wear clothing, and there are fewer variations in appearance from Dantini to Dantini, aside from dress.

Name Description Image
Devil Dantini These light purple Dantinis shoot blue sparks out of their a pitchfork. They are similar to the Devil Dantinis in Croc 1 except they shoot much slower projectiles. They wear brown pants. These appear to be the default Dantini style in Croc 2.
Pirate Dantini These are found in Sailor Village and are exactly the same as the Chasing Dantini in Croc 1. They are purple, carry swords and have eyepatches.
Kleptomaniac Dantini The appears in Sailor Village and runs from Croc while carrying a stolen bird.
Dantini Golem Also referred to as the Stone Dantini, these are found in the last level Dante's Final Fight, when Baron Dante tries to prevent the Professor Gobbo from aligning the Coloured Crystals. It's black and was created from stones by Baron Dante.
Fire Dantini They are found in the Caveman Village. Similar to the Devil Dantinis, they shoot red fire instead of a blue spark that will ignite areas in certain levels. They are red instead of purple.
Skeleton Dantini This rare Dantini is found in the level Cannon Boat Keith, and in some stages of the Caveman Village. As their name suggests, they appear to be skeletal dantinis, and are woken when Croc comes too close to them. These, aside from their skeletal appearance, are closest in appearance to the Dantinis in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.
Conquistador Dantini These are found in Inca Village. They are dressed in Conquistador uniforms, and each have different roles. Some throw babies, run around with them, push them on swings. Others will just shoot blue sparks at Croc with their gun-like weapons. They cannot shoot Croc whilst he is holding a baby Gobbo.

They sometimes shout "Olé"

Aztec Dantini Found in Inca Village. They shoot green sparks out of a blowgun.
Caveman Dantini Found in Caveman Village. They run around holding a spear.


  • In Croc 2, the Sailor King says that "The Dantinis are very naughty. It's not their fault, though". This is the strongest evidence that Baron Dante transformed them, created them, or at least magically enslaved them, so they would follow him. Examples of friendly Dantinis are several Guardians from the original game before they were transformed by Baron Dante, and a few Conquistador Dantinis from Croc 2 who push baby Gobbos on swings.
  • The Dantinis in Croc 2 are massive compared to Croc, as opposed to being about the same height as him in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.
  • They are the most common enemies in the games.
  • In early games there was another type of Dantini - Ice Imp Dantinis.
  • In Croc 2 (Game Boy Color), Dantinis are the only type of enemy found in the game.

Official Bios

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Bio

"These are Baron Dants's [sic] wicked helpers. There are as many different Dantini's [sic] as there are sticks in a dump."

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! Bio

"Baron Dante's loyal henchmen, Dantinis come in many forms depending on their habitat. Their favourite hobbies are being mean and kidnapping Gobbos."

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