Lair of the Feeble

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Lair of the Feeble
Identifier 1-B1
Island Forest Island
Type Guardian level
Enemies 2x Running Dantini
Tooty the Feeble (Guardian)
Item(s) x50

Lair of the Feeble is the fourth level of Forest Island in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and the first Guardian level. There are no Gobbos to collect, and the only objective is to defeat the level's Guardian, Tooty the Feeble.



Tooty, before being transformed by Baron Dante

A duck named Tooty is seen happily wandering about on the island when Baron Dante transforms him into a duck like creature able to walk on two legs.

Getting to Tooty

Jump onto the Driving Platform just ahead. Turn left and right to make it go in the direction you want. It'll stop moving when you jump off to get the crates. To get the Heart, jump to it, use the quick-turn and jump back on before the crumbling platform crumbles. Ride over to the door and exit. Next, jump over the Lava Pits between jumping Fireballs, smash the crates, and slap the Running Dantinis. Exit out the far door.

Defeating Tooty

Tooty transformed by Dante.

In the arena, Tooty will run at Croc for a short time before suddenly standing still to take a breath. You must keep running while he is chasing you but try to keep the camera at an angle where you can still see him. When he stops, quickly run up to him and use tail attack. He will then chase you again but for a longer amount of time, you simply must attack him in the same way for three times to complete the level.



The following tracks from the game are played in this level:

  • Track 4 "Forest Island 2"
  • Track 11 "Lair of the Feeble"


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