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Croc being transported by the sparkling stars

Not to be confused with the area behind Crystal Doors, or the Secret Levels containing Jigsaw Pieces.

A Bonus Area is a secret part in selected levels in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

They are usually found by touching Sparkling Stars in a level or by completing a certain action to activate the stars. In some levels, there are also special platforms which activate Sparkling Stars when landed on. Bonus Areas usually contain Hearts for Croc to collect which are useful when collecting lives.

Levels Containing Bonus Areas

See the level for details on reaching the Bonus Area. In terms of the rewards you get, Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride is the best level, as you get five Hearts and 46 crystals, although to get to the Bonus Area, you must play for a couple of minutes. It would be better to go to Fight Night With Flibby or I Snow Him So Well which also contain five Hearts, although no crystals but can be reached earlier in the level.

Island Level Brief note Items Image
Forest Island And so the Adventure Begins Found by stomping on the second platform three times at the beginning. The area contains three Smash Boxes each containing a Heart. 3x Life, 12x Crystals
Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava Found behind the left rock at the start of the level. 2x Life, 11x Crystals
Fight Night With Flibby Found by stomping on a rock at the beginning of the first part of the level. It contains a cave with five Worms in Wells, each with a Heart above which can be reached by bouncing on the Jellies in the Wells. 5x Life
Ice Island Be Wheely Careful Found in the second area, off the cliff edge using a Sparkling Star platform. Be careful on the last jump, as this requires a long jump and will cause Croc to fall off the cliff if it is not done correctly.

2x Life

3x Crystals

I Snow Him So Well Found in the second area, where Sparkling Stars are located in the left corner.  5x Life
Licence To Chill Found in the second area by jumping on the furthest row of Rafts and standing in the middle of one. It will disappear and Croc should fall onto a Sparking Star Platform to the Bonus Area. 4x Life

Desert Island

Lights, Camel, Action! Found in the fourth area of the level by stomping on the first Jelly three times. To leave the area, jump on any juggled platform in the Poison Pits, jump onto an unstable platform and touch the Sparkling Stars.

4x Life

24x Crystals

Leap of Faith Found at the very beginning of the level by landing on the plummeting platform and you will fall onto a Sparking Star Platform. 4x Life

Castle Island

Hassle in the Castle Go up the flights of stairs and at the end of the red carpet before the Monkey Bars, run and jump off the edge. If done correctly, you will land on a Sparkling Star Platform. 3x Life
Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride In the second area, go to the stationary platform at the end of the moving platforms and stomp on it three times. 

5x Life

46x Crystals

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