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This article is about the character. For the series of the same name, see Croc (series). For the first video game, see Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. For other uses, see Croc (disambiguation).
First appearance Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)
Latest appearance Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic! (2006)
Species Crocodile

Croc is the main protagonist of the Croc series, and has appeared in every game of the series. Croc is known throughout the world of the Gobbos as the one who saved their world twice.


Croc was not initially meant to be a character in his own video game. After Argonaut Games had proved their worth of making 3D games to Nintendo, the company had proposed a 3D racing game starring the Mario series character Yoshi to Nintendo, which was supposed to be released for the ill-fated Super NES CD-ROM System. Nintendo declined, but the prototype went on to influence Super Mario 64 according to Jez San, the founder of Argonaut ltd. The project was later reworked and Croc was then born.


Early childhood

When Croc was an infant, his parents put him in a basket on the ocean and was sent to the Gobbo Archipelago in fear of Baron Dante's presence in the Gobbo Mainland. He was discovered by the Gobbos, where their leader King Rufus treated him as his adopted son, teaching him how to walk and to perform martial arts. Once Baron Dante invaded the Gobbo Archipelago, King Rufus knew it was up to Croc to save the Gobbos. He sent him and Beany Bird on a journey to defeat Baron Dante and to save the Gobbos.

In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Croc learning to walk
Croc learning to walk

Croc and the Gobbos were enjoying a normal day, everything going as it normally did, when suddenly Baron Dante appeared and led his Dantinis in for an attack against Gobbo Valley. A few Gobbos escaped, but within the Chaos most of them were captured. Before his capture, King Rufus hit a Beany Gong, causing Beany to come down and carry Croc to safety. Croc then decides to head out and save all the Gobbos that had been captured, and heads off for an adventure. While travelling through the Gobbo Archipelago, he defeats Baron Dante's Guardians, who are harmless creatures turned into horrible monsters, and saves many Gobbos. Croc then goes after Baron Dante to save King Rufus.

The Final Battle

The Final Battle
The Final Battle

Croc heads out to Baron Dante's own castle, hoping to take him out in the clash. Croc defeats Dantini after Dantini, and after defeating all of Baron Dante's soldiers like a one Crocodile army, Croc finally reaches Baron Dante's room. However, Dante had seen the attack coming, and was ready for Croc. He launched a full scale assault on Croc, pushing Croc to his limit, and Croc couldn't even hit Baron Dante. After a while, Croc started hitting Baron Dante with his tail attack, causing quite a bit of damage. After hitting Baron Dante one too many times, everything goes black. They're back in the same room, but Baron Dante starts using more aggressive, physical attacks. Baron Dante charges against a wall, smashing his head into it, allowing Croc to hit him in the back. Croc repeats this strategy a few more times, hitting Baron Dante several more times. Until everything goes black again. Croc looks around, and sees Baron Dante levitating in the air, and Croc knows that he's pushed Baron Dante to his limit as well. Dante fires multiple electrical projectiles at Croc, and he dodges them. Dante lands to the floor, and takes a few seconds to breathe, making it the perfect time for Croc to deliver the final blow. And with a final scream, Baron Dante spins faster and faster until suddenly shrinking until creating a small explosion of sparkles. Croc does a victory dance, over excited that he won the battle with Baron Dante. Croc then hears King Rufus's squeak from his Cage and turns to him. He then frees King Rufus with one whack from his tail, opening it. Lastly, King Rufus leaps into his backpack before Beany appears over Croc. Beany teleports Croc and King Rufus back to Gobbo Valley.

Secret Sentinel

Back on Forest Island, the Gobbos pull up a humongous statue in Croc's honor. All the Gobbos dance and play, all having a great time back at their own land. Croc then looks at the Jigsaw Pieces he found on all of the islands, and shows it to King Rufus. He suggests there might be a last one on Baron Dante's island, and Croc heads back there to find it. Croc finds a secret dungeon level, Jailhouse Croc, on his island, and after exploring, finds the last piece. Croc assembles all the pieces and together they make an island known as Crystal Island, which appears out of nowhere in front of Croc. On top of the island, a mysterious being resembling Baron Dante, but completely translucent, appears. Croc heads off to the island, which looks like a combination of all the other Islands, and heads up, battles up through the parts of the island, which is a more challenging version of all the other islands. Eventually, Croc reaches a part of the island which resembles nothing he had ever seen before; looking like it was made completely of Crystals. He leaps into the location, which looks completely pitch black, but when he lands down the bottom, sees four Beany Gongs, and the Crystal version of Baron Dante called The Secret Sentinel. Instinctively, Croc dodges what attacks the electric the Secret Sentinel throws at him, and hits the four Beany Gongs, and with their simultaneous noise, he splits into dozens of crystals. Croc picks one up and lifts it into the air triumphantly before Beany Bird picks him up, and they fly away.

In Croc 2

Croc is first seen relaxing on a beach playing volleyball with a couple of Gobbos and King Rufus. While enjoying himself, Croc finds a message in a bottle from his parents who have been looking for him, and his footprint matches the one on the paper confirming their connection. The Gobbos built a catapult so Croc can cross the ocean to the mainland, where he tirelessly runs through adventures, beats up the mean Dantinis, and fights his way through mazes, tunnels, and obstacles. Croc soon bests Baron Dante once again in the final showdown on top of a mountain, and later defeating him for good in Dante's Final Fight. Afterwards, the Professor Gobbo takes Croc back to his family with a map he found. When Croc, his family, and the Gobbos are celebrating, Swap Meet Pete reveals he believes Baron Dante will be back, where he then steals the eggs of Croc's unborn siblings. Croc goes to Baron Dante's Secret Worlds and takes the eggs back. After he was successful, Croc returned to the mainland.


Croc is a small, cute green crocodile with two beady eyes, a long snout, two nostrils and one fang. He also has a yellow belly, a short green tail which he uses for attacking, short arms, four fingered hands, and large, three-clawed feet. He wears a backpack which he uses to pull out Gummi Savers and Clockwork Gobbos, amongst other Items.


Croc is capable of using a tail attack, which is his most valuable and recognizable move in the series. He is also capable of jumping high and using a somersault to jump far. When he's in the air, Croc is able to do a ground pound to smash any enemies or boxes underneath him.

The Gobbos

Croc was rescued, raised, and taught by the Gobbos. King Rufus was his adoptive father. Therefore, when Baron Dante invaded Gobbo Valley and the rest of the Gobbo Archipelago, Croc felt it was his duty to rescue his adoptive family from the cruel clutches of Baron Dante.

His acts of bravery were paid back when the Gobbos built a statue of him in his honour.


Croc's family was introduced in Croc 2. He is known to have a father, mother and little brother.


Sometimes Croc will says things and make noises, most of the time when he's performing an action.

  • "Hup" - When he pulls himself up off a ledge
  • "Hee yup" - Something else he says when he pulls himself up off a ledge
  • "Uh" - When he grips onto a ledge.
  • "Ker splat!" - when doing a tail-whip
  • "Ah-whop!" - When doing a tail-whip
  • "YAZOO!" - When stomping
  • "YAZAREE!" - When stomping
  • "Owch!" - When hurt, usually after being burnt by lava
  • "Ooh!" - When he is hurt usually in a pool.
  • "Waaahh" - When falling off a cliff.
  • "Bluu" - When he is hurt.
  • "Ah!" - A short, sharp yelp he makes when hurt, usually after being touched by a Dantini
  • "Huuur" - A faint-like noise when hurt with no crystals.


  • The reason Croc has one tooth is because the designer's cat 'Sherbert' had just one fang at the time he was designed and, of course, a crocodile with one tooth is always quite unusual.
  • According to his official Croc 2 bio, Croc has the largest boxed Star Wars toy collection in the entire Gobbo Kingdom, which is where all of his crystals go.
    • However it's likely this is a non-canon fact, simply being a joke for advertising.
  • Croc's favourite vegetables are peas.
  • Croc's shouts were going to be replaced with new shouts for Croc 2, but the team decided that the already established ones were more recognisable, and simply had them re-recorded instead.
  • It is revealed in Croc Mobile Series that Croc has Hydrophobia, which means he is scared of water. He has no issue with swimming in water in the main series, so the decision was most likely made because the mobile games were not made by Argonaut Games and the platforming would be exploitable if he was able to.

Official Bios

Croc 2 Bio

"Orphaned reptile and hero to the Gobbos. His perfect single tooth is the talk of dentists around the world. Croc also has the largest collection of boxed Star Wars toys in the Gobbo Kingdom. Now you know where all those crystals go!"

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! Bio

"Croc was found as a baby by King Rufus Gobbo. As his adoptive family, Croc vows to free the often imprisoned Gobbos." [sic]


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