Crystal Island

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Crystal Island
First appearance Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)
Guardian Crystal Baron Dante
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Crystal Island, featured in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, is the fifth and final (or secret) island of the game. This island is only unlocked once the player obtains all eight Jigsaw Pieces from the previous eight secret levels by finding all six Gobbos from all normal levels. These levels are unique to other levels in the game, as no Gobbos or Jigsaw Pieces are found; the only objective is to complete the levels. When the player has completed all five levels and defeated the final GuardianThe Secret Sentinel, the game will be 100% completed.


Code Title Type Features Password
5-1 And so the Adventure Returns Normal Level LLDLURRLLLRULUR
5-2 Diet Brrrrr Normal Level UDRUULRLLDULDDL
5-3 Trial on the Nile Normal Level RRRLURLDLLRUULR
5-4 Crox Interactive Normal Level DDDDULDURRUURUU
5-B Secret Sentinel Guardian Level LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR



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  • The island's first four levels are themed after the four islands, with And So The Adventure Returns mimicking the Forest Island, Diet Brrrrr in a similar style to the Ice Island, Trial On The Nile themed like the Desert Island, and Crox Interactive like the Castle Island.
  • Most of the stages on each level look similar to several of the stages of some of the levels Croc had previously visited on the first four Islands, only being more or less altered to increase the challenge of each stage (e,g more enemies).
  • The code for the final boss is the same code as the code for Riot Brrrrr. If you type it in then you will be put on Riot Brrrrr but you have all levels unlocked.