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Baron Dante's Funky Inferno

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Baron Dante's Funky Inferno
Island Castle Island
Type Normal
Enemies Baron Dante (Guardian)
Item(s) Crystals.png x29
Baron Dante's Funky Inferno is the thirty-ninth level of Castle Island in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and the eighth Guardian level. There are no Gobbos to collect on this level; the only objective is to defeat the Guardian of the level, Baron Dante.



Climb the stairs, and watch out for the Swinging Maces at each landing. At the top, move to the center of the far block as it moves across the crystals. Hop off immediately at the door before your block crumbles. In the next room, ride the blocks and cross wherever they take you, moving constantly to avoid getting shot by the Devil Dantinis. Enter the door at the end.

Defeating Baron Dante

This fight has three phases. Whenever you get hit, always try to pick up at least one crystal, because the fight can last a long time. Whenever you die, you'll restart at the same phase, so you don't have to do it all from the beginning again. First, he'll occasionally smash his fist on the ground, sending out a shockwave. Jump over it, then run up, jump and tail slap him while he's stunned. If you get too close other times, he'll chop at you. Do this three times and the next part begins.

Now, the Baron will charge you, and hit the wall if you get out of the way. Keep him in your line of sight, then move as he runs. You can tell what direction he's going by where he faces, and it's not always straight at you. When he hits the wall, very quickly turn and jump-slap him. He'll return the center and wait a moment before trying again. Hit him three times to win this round.

In the third phase, he'll hover in the middle of the room and shoot a series of electric bolts at you. Keep running around the room to avoid them. Once he stops, he'll shake his hand for a bit, at which point you jump and slap him from the side or back. For the first barrage, he shoots three times, then six times after you've hit him once, then nine times for the last bout. After that, the fight is finished, and you rescue the King Rufus. Beany comes to take you all away, and you can watch the ending cutscene. But it's not all over yet...


x3 Swinging Maces

x3 Devil Dantini




Yippee! An image gallery for subject is available at Gallery:Baron Dante's Funky Inferno.


  • The name of this level is a reference to the famous poem "Dante's Inferno."