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A hazard is an object or some other interactive element which damages Croc if touched.

In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Image Name Description
Lava Orange in color, Lava is found on Forest Island and Desert Island.
Freezing Water Also known as Icy Water, this type of water is too cold for Croc to touch, let alone swim in. It is found only on Ice Island.
Mud Mud Pits are brown in color and are found on Desert Island, although it is unknown why they would cause Croc any damage. Presumably, the heat has made them unbearably hot for Croc.
Acid Acid Pools (also known as Poison Pools) are only found in circular pits on the Desert Island.
Bottomless Pits Cliff edges are found on all islands and will cause Croc to lose a life regardless of how many crystals he has.
Fire Balls An orange fireball which often comes up from a Lava Pit. Iceballs have the same affect which come up from Freezing Water. Some may also jump from Pits onto the ground and jump back into the Pit at the other end. Some may also juggle platforms to keep them above Pits for a short time. Enemies such as Devil Dantinis, Scorpions, and Firepoppers can also shoot Fireballs and Iceballs. These hazards seem to be the only hazards on Forest Island and Ice Island.
Tornadoes These only appear on Desert Island and will occasionally spin around an area, attempting to whisk Croc into a Mud Pit or Poison Pool.
Water Streams Also referred to as Sand Streams, these will pour off a ledge and attempt to push Croc into a Poison Pool. They only appear in the Bonus Area in Leap of Faith.
Platform Pete's Platform This type of platform is the only platform in the game which can directly hurt Croc. It is only found in Panic at Platform Pete's Lair, Ballistic Meg's Fairway and Crox Interactive. Platform Pete will hit his hammer on a switch causing the platforms to turn 180 degrees from a smooth surface to a spiky surface. They can also move around.
Swinging Mace A Swinging Mace is purple in colour and spiky, but seems to swing from thin air and will swing from side to side, causing damage to Croc if he touches it. They are only found in levels on the Castle Island, with the exception of an area in Leap of Faith.

In Croc 2

Image Name Description
Rolling Barrel These barrels are used by Roger Red Ant as an obstacle for Croc. It simply damages the player by bouncing from left to right. There is also a smaller variant that appears in Cossack Tribe - Secret Ice Cap and Find the Wheels in the Mine! rolling down bridges and train trakcs instead.
Tree Trunk Trap Two tree trunks smashing against each other, the player has to time their movement to get through them.
Piston Pistons are found in mine levels, they try to crush the player by dropping on their head. Strangely, the bottom of the piston can damage the player when it's getting up.
Fireball These fireballs swing from left to right. The same model is used for Lava Lamp Larry's and Baron Dante's fireball attack.