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Baron Dante
Species Dantini
“You must find this little green trouble-maker and get rid of him forever.”
Baron Dante, Croc 2

Baron Dante is the main antagonist of the Croc series since his debut in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. He has a group of minions known as the Dantinis.


A portrait of Baron Dante found in Castle Island

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Baron Dante's logo

Baron Dante turns up in Forest Island, where he orders his Dantini minions to capture as many of the Gobbos as they can, taking King Rufus for himself and locking him away in a cage. After discovering that Croc is rescuing his Gobbo companions, Baron Dante begins to turn various innocent creatures into monsters, each with the intention to stop Croc on his quest. But Croc is able to defeat them all and return them to their natural forms, and very soon, Baron Dante is left with no choice but to engage in combat with Croc himself.

Baron Dante's Funky Inferno

The Final Battle

This was the final showdown between Croc and the Baron. He fights in three phases and has three lives in each phase. In the first phase, he tries to slam his fist at the ground to create shockwaves, or he just tries to hit Croc. During the second phase, Dante stands still in the middle of the arena and after a while tries to ram into Croc. In the third and final phase, he flies up and shoots bolts of magic at Croc. As his lives decrease he shoots more rapidly at Croc. After he descends he is vulnerable to attacks, where Croc is eventually able to defeat him. He was presumably sent to the N'th Dimension afterward.

Crystal Form

After Baron Dante was defeated, Croc then recovered the Jigsaw Pieces scattered in various places around the Islands, and then visited the mysterious Crystal Island where a strange creature that resembled Baron Dante called The Secret Sentinel fights in a large cross like arena surrounded by four gongs. After Croc defeated The Secret Sentinel, it shattered into many crystals, one of which Croc picked up.

Croc 2

In Croc 2, the Dantinis were able to bring Baron Dante back from the N'th Dimension, where he then planned to get his revenge on Croc. He kidnapped the Inventor Gobbo (who later escaped), and began calling for various minions to defeat Croc.

After several attempts failed, Baron Dante decided to confront Croc himself, on the mountain tops of Inca Village. Croc, driving the Inventor Gobbo's plane, managed to shoot Baron Dante off the mountain, where he retreated to the Bride of the Dungeon of Defright, Croc following closely behind.

In the dungeon, Croc met and freed the Professor Gobbo, and the two of them confronted Baron Dante 2 a final time on a dark mountain top. Croc protected the Inventor Gobbo from Baron Dante's evil magic long enough for the inventor to open a portal to another dimension and banish the evil being.

Croc was reunited with his family, as he had originally set out to do. However, as Swap Meet Pete predicted, Dante was not defeated. He managed to kidnap Croc's parents' eggs and bring them into his secret world. Croc rescued the eggs, but what became of Baron Dante after is unknown.

Croc Handheld Series

Croc (2000)

In Croc, Baron Dante serves as the primary antagonist like all other games. He is found and defeated by Croc at the end of the game.

Croc 2 (2001)

In Croc 2, Baron Dante returns as the main antagonist with a role similar to the console version of Croc 2.

Croc Mobile Series

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble!

Baron Dante serves as the main antagonist. He retains his appearance from the first game. No further plot or motive is given.

Croc Mobile: Pinball

Baron Dante is at the top of the screen on the left. He can be attacked by shooting the ball into the pocket found there.

Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic!

Baron Dante returns to halt the wedding of King Rufus and Princess Tara.



The Dantinis are all loyal to Baron Dante, with some people describing them as his followers, to others who say they are his slaves. However, no matter what status they are to him, he has complete control over them. He can order them to whatever he wants with no resistance whatsoever.

It is also clear that he trusts them greatly, relinquishing a majority of the control over the Gobbo Archipelago to the Dantinis, who can be seen wandering and patrolling each level of the game.


The Guardians featured in the Croc games are influenced by Baron Dante, and their primary purpose given to them by Baron Dante himself was to stop Croc at all costs.

Magical Powers

Baron Dante can accomplish the following:

  • Turn ordinary creatures into destructive monsters
  • Levitation
  • Can fire magic/electric shots from his glove
  • Super strength
  • Can bash his fist against the ground making sonic waves
  • Can shoot fire
  • Expert climber (Mountain)
  • Can create a storm


  • Baron Dante was named after the film director, Joe Dante. The 'Baron' part was added because "It sounded evil."
  • Although Baron Dante wears an eye patch, an eye texture can clearly be seen at the bottom of the eyepatch texture, indicating he still has an eye under his patch (Though was likely a graphical oversight).
  • Baron Dante, was originally called "Denver". The name was changed when the Lead Designer joined the Croc team and said "Denver? That sounds rubbish!"
  • In Croc 2, Baron Dante is seen throwing a dart at a picture of Croc on a dartboard. The picture is the cover art for the first game.

Official Bios

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Bio

"King of all villians, [sic] hater of all things Gobbo and stronger than a thousand Dantinis"

Croc 2 Bio

"The evil arch nemesis of all that is good and kind. Brought back from the n'th dimension by his loyal Dantinis, revenge isn't the only thing he has on his mind. Dante wants to know the secret of the flying machine the smart Gobbo has invented and will stop at nothing to get it."

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! Bio

"This cruel sorcerer is the cause of all of the Gobbos strife. Little is known about him or his hatred for all Gobbo kind, but he was probably dropped as a baby."

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