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Zombie Prisoner

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Zombie Prisoner
Species Dantini (Unconfirmed)
The Zombie Prisoner is an enemy in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos that appears only one time in the entire game, in the level: The Tower of Power.


The Zombie Prisoner resides in a dungeon located on Castle Island. Presumably, it was chained there by Baron Dante for unspecified reasons.

It is yellow, lanky, has long claws, and greatly resembles a dantini, likely being some type of one. Its ankles are chained together, holding it in place.

It prevents Croc from pressing switches that open the doors to three prison cells, each containing a Gobbo. It attacks by slashing its claws around madly.

It cannot be defeated but can be distracted for a short time with either a tail-whip or stomp. During this time Croc should be able to hit the switch he desires before it continues with its relentless attacks. It will also periodically grow tired and stop swinging on its own.

Levels Found


  • It is unknown exactly why the Zombie Prisoner is in one of Baron Dante's dungeons. Whether it is a punishment, serves the Baron as a guard, or is there for some other reason has been unspecified.


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