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N'th Dimension

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The N'th Dimension is an unknown location in the Croc Series where Baron Dante is sent after both of his defeats.


After his defeat in the first game, Baron Dante is magically transported to the N'th Dimension where he soon called upon Dantinis to rescue him. In Croc 2, Baron Dante's initial plan on returning to the real world by his Dantinis was successful, and decided to seek revenge on Croc and his Gobbo friends.

At the end of Croc 2, Professor Gobbo managed to trap Baron Dante in the N'th Dimension again, but despite this, somehow Baron Dante was able to steal the eggs belonging to Croc's Family. Croc managed to go to the N'th Dimension (called Baron Dante's Secret World) to retrieve the Eggs, and then returned to the mainland.