Croc 2 (Game Boy Color)

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Croc 2
Developer(s) Argonaut Games PLC
Publisher Natsume
Release date(s) NA: January 25, 2001
EU/AUS: February 2, 2001
Console(s) Game Boy Color

Croc 2 for the Game Boy Color was developed by Natsume, the company responsible for translating the Harvest Moon series, and was the only Croc game to not be made by Argonaut (before the Croc Mobile Series which was made by Morpheme).

The plot is largely the same as the console version.


The game is seen in a top-down perspective, instead of the original 2D platformer that Croc was.

Croc is capable of running, jumping, long jumping, tail-whipping and stomping, similar to the console game. He can defeat enemies using his tail-whip and long jump. Tail-whip is also used to activate several switches found in the game, whilst stomping is used to activate panels on the ground, often used for puzzles found in the game.

Pause screen

Each level contains 5 Coloured Crystals and a Golden Gobbo area which only opens if the five coloured crystals are obtained first. In order for the "good ending" to be shown, Croc must have obtained all of the Golden Gobbos before facing Baron Dante. If Croc leaves the area before collecting the Golden Gobbo (or any of the crystals), the level will reset, and Croc will have to collect everything from the beginning.

Each level also has a Robo Gobbo panel in the level. These areas specifically lead to one coloured crystal per level. Also in certain levels are Jump Jelly panels, which also lead to another coloured crystal.

Every level has a different objective, which is told by the gobbo at the gate. At the beginning of the game in Sailor Village, most of these objectives line up with the console's quests. But afterwards, the quests take an entirely different turn, bearing little resemblance to those found in the console game.

A Dantini in Deliver the Letter

Each village has three levels plus one guardian level. In all of the regular levels, the only enemies that are out to harm Croc are Dantinis, which change in appearance depending on what village Croc is in. Croc can defeat them to earn crystals and hearts.

In addition to those already mentioned, Croc can also purchase Heart Pots to increase his life from Swap Meet Pete's General Store. He can also purchase Tail of the Phoenix, an item exclusive to this version of the game which automatically saves Croc from losing a life under certain circumstances.

The game also features an extensive password system, which tracks the items that Croc has obtained, as well as his stats and what levels and quests have been completed. As such, passwords for this game are long.


The Map

The game's plot is largely the same as the console version, though it does have some differences and takes some liberties, especially later on in the game.

Croc receives a message in a bottle whilst playing with one of his Gobbo friends on the beach. The two discover via the message that Croc's Family are looking for him. Croc sets out on a journey to find his parents, which takes him through four Gobbo villages.

Towards the end in the Inca Village, he learns that Baron Dante has returned. After Croc defeats him, if he has located all of the Golden Gobbos, his mother appears, reuniting them at last.


Note: Levels are fan-given names, since the game does not give official titles.


Croc 2 for the Gameboy Color was met with positive reviews. It was praised for being a step up from Croc, and not just a generic side-scrolling platformer.[1]

Back cover description

Croc's back in an exciting new adventure as he searches for his long lost parents. But the search soon becomes a showdown as Croc's arch enemy, Baron Dante, is magically resurrected by his evil Dantinis. Join Croc's journey as he explores over 12 levels in four vast worlds, each packed with unique Gobbos, challenging puzzles and tons of surprises!


  • Although the first Village and its quests largely resemble those found in the console release, the rest of the quests and levels deter greatly from them.
  • Like its predecessor, some prototype aspects of the game have been left in, such as Soveena appearing pink instead of blue.
  • Nothing from the box art is actually in the game, except for Croc and the Gobbo. Cannon Boat Keith makes no appearance in this game, neither do any types of Dantinis other than the regular walking ones. Although there is a mine level, there is no mine cart in the game.
  • Croc's father and sibling make no appearance in this game.


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