Get the Gobbo's Sandwich

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Not to be confused with Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!, a level on the PlayStation version.
Get the Gobbo's Sandwich
Type Normal
Enemies Dantinis
Village Sailor Village

Get the Gobbo's Sandwich is a level in Sailor Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


(note: this guide currently does not include crystals)

Move right and leap up the grassy blocks to the upper right hand side of the screen. In the next area, move right and down a little (without leaving this platform), avoiding the Dantini and enter the next screen. Cross the two bridges ahead and go up to the next area.

From here go up, avoiding or defeating the Dantini as necessary. Move right and leap onto the grass platforms to reach the bird and the Gobbo's Sandwich.



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