Recover the Stolen Treasure Chests

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Recover the Stolen Treasure Chests
Type Normal
Enemies Dantinis
Village Sailor Village

Save the Gobbo is a level in Sailor Village in the Game Boy Color adaption of Croc 2.


(note: this guide currently does not include all crystals)

Move up and when you see a ledge sticking out, leap left onto the platform and leap upwards to the one above. Exit through the top left of the screen (avoiding the Dantini).

From here, move up, right a little and turn left as soon as the game allows you, following the narrow path up to the next screen. In the next area, follow the path around and leap to the platform above (near the signpost). Grab the Light Blue Crystal. Leap to the area to your right and leave through the gate area (up).

Move up into the next area, then follow the green box path around and push the box all the way right. Move back around and push the box up, left and down so that it hits the switch. The door will unlock, so grab the item inside. After, move to the upper left and leap up the grassy platforms, exiting the area on the left.

Once there, move left and fall down, picking up the Red Crystal along the way. Move left (without leaving this platform) past a Dantini and move up into an area with four pictures. Ground pounding the switches will change them, and you need to get them as follows:

The door to your right will open. Get in, grab the book and leave to your right, falling off the cliff. Continue right to the next area, then move down to enter the next screen (between the barriers). Turn right.

Turn right and leap to the next platform. Defeat the Dantini and go down, then turn right and follow the path up. Defeat the Dantini, and hop off to your right again, entering this next screen.

Go right, and you'll find the pipe system. Hit the switch, then quickly hop it down the path, turning right at the end and hitting the switch BEFORE the water arrives. You'll then have to do the same thing as the water continues on its path.

Once the water hits the grate, the final treasure will reveal itself. Grab it to complete the level.


  • This is the equivalent of the console level, "Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests".
  • Despite the title, you don't actually obtain any treasure chests, just a few random items.


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