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Invasion of Gobbo Valley

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The invasion of Gobbo Valley by Baron Dante and his Dantinis set the pretext for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.


Baron Dante had watched, for a long time, the Gobbos living in peace and harmony, not just in Gobbo Valley, but all over the Gobbo Archipelago. He decided that for once, the Gobbos should suffer. Eventually, he and his army of Dantinis traversed the length between Castle Island and Forest Island.

The Invasion

Baron Dante and his Dantinis quickly took over Gobbo Valley. The Gobbos were no match for the Dantinis, and because the Gobbos had never encountered anything like the invasion in their long history, they were ill-prepared. Almost nine in every ten Gobbos were captured and imprisoned. Some Gobbos managed to take cover in time, hiding in calved-out tree trunks.

King Rufus, Croc and a few Gobbos managed to flee from the invading Dantinis, but they were soon trapped. The Gobbos were swiftly caught, and King Rufus led Croc away to a Beany Gong. Beany The Bird appeared and took Croc away, just as Baron Dante himself caught King Rufus, who was locked away in his castle back on Castle Island.

Effects of the Invasion

It was not just the Gobbos in Gobbo Valley that suffered. Creatures from all over the Gobbo Archipelago were subject to Baron Dante's magical powers, and were transformed into evil beings loyal to Baron Dante.

The Dantinis took control of the islands, guarding the evil beings and the Gobbos.

On the Gobbos

The Gobbos were a very social species, and were distraught by the fact that they were separated from each other for a prolonged amount of time.


The invasion set Croc up to rescue the Gobbos, rescue King Rufus and defeat the Dantinis and Baron Dante.