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This page contains YouTube embedded playlist for the full soundtracks from both Croc games. The tracks are played during gameplay in various levels, and can also be accessed in game by pressing the Select button in Audio Options for a sound test (read more).

There will also be soundtrack sections added on level articles with details on what tracks are played in each level. The tracks were mainly composed by Justin Scharvona.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

<verbatim>Croc 1 Soundtrack</verbatim>


The tracks which only play once in the game or on a special event, usually when battling a Guardian or tracks played when selecting a level for an island are highlighted in bold. The track numbers represent the numbers on the Sound Test feature during the game. The tracks that aren't bold do not have official titles and are used as an idea of where in the game they are played. The levels in which tracks are played are under each heading.

Unincluded Tracks

The track for the last area of Ice Bridge to Eternity does not feature in the original tracklist. It sounds like the Crystal Door Challenge tracks. It is given the title, "Ice Bonus Area".

All Tracks

Number Track Appears in
Track 1 "Title Theme" Main Menu
Track 2 "Forest Island" File:Track2.ogg TBA
Track 3 "Forest Island 1" File:Track3.ogg
Track 4 "Forest Island 2" File:Track4.ogg
Track 5 "Forest Island 3" File:Track5.ogg
Track 6 "Forest Island 4" File:Track6.ogg
Track 7 "Forest Island 5" File:Track7.ogg
Track 8 "Cave 1" File:Track8.ogg
Track 9 "Cave 2" File:Track9.ogg
Track 10 "Crystal Door Challenge" File:Track10.ogg Note that this track does not play on all challenges, and can play in other areas.

Track 11 "Lair of the Feeble" File:Track11.ogg
Track 12 "Cave 3" File:Track12.ogg
Track 13 "Cave 4" File:Track13.ogg
Track 14 "Underwater 1" File:Track14.ogg
Track 15 "Cave 5" File:Track15.ogg
Track 16 "Cave 6" File:Track16.ogg
Track 17 "Fight Night With Flibby" File:Track17.ogg
Track 18 "Ice Island" File:Track18.ogg TBA
Track 19 "Ice Island 1" File:Track19.ogg
Track 20 "Ice Island 2" File:Track20.ogg
Track 21 "Ice Island 3" File:Track21.ogg
Track 22 "Snow Cave 1" File:Track22.ogg
Track 23 "Snow Cave 2" File:Track23.ogg
Track 24 "Ice Island 4" File:Track24.ogg
Track 25 "Ice Island 5" File:Track25.ogg
Track 26 "Ice Island 6" File:Track26.ogg
Track 27 "Underwater 2" File:Track27.ogg
Track 28 "Ice Island 7" File:Track28.ogg
Track 29 "Chumly's Snow Den" File:Track29.ogg
Track 30 "Ice Island 8" File:Track30.ogg
Track 31 "Crystal Door Challenge - Ice Island" File:Track31.ogg
Track 32 "Demon Itsy's Ice Palace" File:Track32.ogg
Track 33 "Desert Island" File:Track33.ogg TBA
Track 34 "Desert 1" File:Track34.ogg
Track 35 "Desert Darkness" File:Track35.ogg
Track 36 "Desert 2" File:Track36.ogg TBA
Track 37 "Desert 3" File:Track37.ogg TBA
Track 38 "Desert 4" File:Track38.ogg
Track 39 "Desert 5" File:Track39.ogg
Track 40 "The Deadly Tank of Neptuna" File:Track40.ogg TBA
Track 41 "Desert Cave" File:Track41.ogg
Track 42 "Desert 6" File:Track42.ogg
Track 43 (Leap of Faith Beginning) File:Track43.ogg TBA
Track 44 (Leap of Faith 2) File:Track44.ogg TBA
Track 45 "Cactus Jack's Ranch" File:Track45.ogg TBA
Track 46 "Castle Island" File:Track46.ogg TBA
Track 47 "Secret Sentinel" File:Track47.ogg TBA
Track 48 (Castle 1, similar to Goo Man Chu's Tower in Croc 2) File:Track48.ogg TBA
Track 49 (second stage in Panic at Platform Pete's Lair) File:Track49.ogg TBA
Track 50 "Dungeon 1" File:Track50.ogg TBA
Track 51 "Crystal Door Challenge - Cave" File:Track51.ogg
Track 52 "Dungeon 2" File:Track52.ogg TBA
Track 53 "Crystal Island" File:Track53.ogg TBA
Track 54 "Fosley's Freaky Donut" File:Track54.ogg TBA
Track 55 (Beginning of Panic at Platform Pete's Lair) File:Track55.ogg TBA
Track 56 "Castle 1" File:Track56.ogg TBA
Track 57 "Castle 2" File:Track57.ogg TBA
Track 58 "Baron Dante's Funky Inferno - Stage 1" File:Track58.ogg TBA
Track 59 "Baron Dante's Funky Inferno - Stage 2" File:Track59.ogg TBA
Track 60 "Baron Dante's Funky Inferno - Stage 3" File:Track60.ogg TBA
Track 61 "Crystal Island" File:Track61.ogg TBA
Track 62 "Bonus Area" File:Track62.ogg Note that this track does not always play in all bonus areas, and is played in other level parts as well.

Track 63 "Level Complete" File:Track63.ogg This track plays when completing a level, either by swiping the Beany Gong, getting a Jigsaw Piece, or defeating a Guardian.
Track 64 "Credits" File:Track64.ogg This track only appears during the creddits

Note that Track 47 "Secret Sentinel" is a different track to Track 59 "Baron Dante's Funky Inferno - Stage 2", despite the tracks sounding very similar. Also, the official soundtrack in-game seems to repeat the Crystal Island theme on both tracks 53 and 61.

Croc 2

<verbatim>Croc 2 Soundtrack</verbatim> There is no Sound Test feature in this game, so tracks are not officially numbered. Note that track 45 only appears in the PSX version of the game without modification.

Number Track Appears in
Track 1 File:Croc2Track1.ogg Title Screen
Track 2 File:Croc2Track2.ogg Sailor Village
Track 3 File:Croc2Track3.ogg Cossack Village
Track 4 File:Croc2Track4.ogg Inca and Caveman Village
Track 5 File:Croc2Track5.ogg TBA
Track 6 File:Croc2Track6.ogg TBA
Track 7 File:Croc2Track7.ogg TBA
Track 8 File:Croc2Track8.ogg TBA
Track 9 File:Croc2Track9.ogg TBA
Track 10 File:Croc2Track10.ogg TBA
Track 11 File:Croc2Track11.ogg TBA
Track 12 File:Croc2Track12.ogg TBA
Track 13 File:Croc2Track13.ogg TBA
Track 14 File:Croc2Track14.ogg TBA
Track 15 File:Croc2Track15.ogg TBA
Track 16 File:Croc2Track16.ogg TBA
Track 17 File:Croc2Track17.ogg TBA
Track 18 File:Croc2Track18.ogg TBA
Track 19 File:Croc2Track19.ogg TBA
Track 20 File:Croc2Track20.ogg TBA
Track 21 File:Croc2Track21.ogg TBA
Track 22 File:Croc2Track22.ogg TBA
Track 23 File:Croc2Track23.ogg TBA
Track 24 File:Croc2Track24.ogg TBA
Track 25 File:Croc2Track25.ogg TBA
Track 26 File:Croc2Track26.ogg TBA
Track 27 File:Croc2Track27.ogg TBA
Track 28 File:Croc2Track28.ogg TBA
Track 29 File:Croc2Track29.ogg TBA
Track 30 File:Croc2Track30.ogg TBA
Track 31 File:Croc2Track31.ogg TBA
Track 32 File:Croc2Track32.ogg TBA
Track 33 File:Croc2Track33.ogg TBA
Track 34 File:Croc2Track34.ogg TBA
Track 35 File:Croc2Track35.ogg TBA
Track 36 File:Croc2Track36.ogg TBA
Track 37 File:Croc2Track37.ogg TBA
Track 38 File:Croc2Track38.ogg TBA
Track 39 File:Croc2Track39.ogg TBA
Track 40 File:Croc2Track40.ogg TBA
Track 41 File:Croc2Track41.ogg TBA
Track 42 File:Croc2Track42.ogg TBA
Track 43 File:Croc2Track43.ogg TBA
Track 44 File:Croc2Track44.ogg TBA
Track 45 File:Croc2Track45.ogg Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos! 2

Beta Music

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  • Some of the tracks in the first game sound very similar to some in Croc 2, such as the track used in the Mine Shaft levels.
  • The level Secret Sentinel is the only level in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos which plays only one track, and is also the only level in the game with only one area.

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