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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

The track that plays during the credits is Track 64 "Credits".

Role Person
Company 1 Fox Interactive
Executive Producer Paul Provenzano
Producer David Stalker
Associate Producer Chris Miller
QA Lead Michael Dunn
QA Eric Asevo, Jennifer Kelly, Erik Larson, Allyson Lund, Bruce Maksin, Paul Pawlicki, Harish Rao, Victor Rodriguez, Seth Roth, Mike Schneider, Elizabeth Strozewski
PH.D in Gobbology Neil Alsip
Company 2 Argonaut
Test Anna Larke, Roger Davies, Chris Tudor-Smith
Lead Test Nick Rodriguez
Art Leon Brazil, Scott Butler, Nina Drabwell, Mick Hanrahan, Luke Verhulst, Simon Keating
Level Design Nic Cusworth, Nathan Burlow, Lynsey Bradshaw, Simon Keating
Character Design Simon Keating, Peter Day
Character Animation Peter Day, Lisa Springett, Jason Smith
Lead Design Nic Cusworth
Music Karin Griffin, Martin Gwynn Jones, Justin Scharvona
Sound Effects Karin Griffin, Martin Gwynn Jones, Justin Scharvona
Sound Programming Richard Griffiths
Music Recording Supervisor Steve Levine
Trumpet Noel Langley
Drums Terl Bryant
Percussion Terl Bryant
Voice Talent Jonathan Aris
Lead Musician Justin Scharvona
Programming John Gay, Matthew Godbolt, Lewis Gordon, Anthony Lloyd, Scott Williams, Jon Wolff
Additional Programming Matthew Porter, Saviz Izadpanah, Gavin Ashdown, Michael Cordner
Character Programming Dan Laufer, Paul McAllister
Producer Nick Clarke, Stefano Zammattio
Executive Producer John Edelson, Jez San, Keith Robinson

Croc 2

The track that playes during the credits is also played in the level Hanglider Valley

Role Person
Producer David Stalker
Associate Producer Chris Miller
QA Manager Mike Schneider
QA Lead Paul Pawlicki, Ken Anderson, Eric Asevo, Sweet Billy, Aaron Blean, Ben Borth, Jon Cesario, Pete Cesario, Kristian Davila, Ryan Dowling, Michael Dunn, Tim Hall, Rod Jung, Igor Krinitskiy, Red Magpantay, Denise Pater, Tim Ramage, Harish Rao, Elizabeth Strozewski, Jeff Tatman, Tim Tran and Sung Yoo
Special Thanks To Priscilla Bourbonnais, John D'Agostino, James Deverill, Angela Edwards, Joe Finetti, Lisa Fox, Andrea Griffiths, Maria Hernandez, Claudine Joris, Becky Kneubuhl, Tina Kowalewski, Susie Mar, Scott Marcus, Moore & Price Design Group, Mega O'Brien, Paul Provenzano, Jon Richmond, Jamie Samson, Dave Shaw, Gary Sheinwald and Stephanie Yoshimoto
Executive Producers Jez San and Keith Robinson
Team Leader Lewis Gordon
Lead Programmer Anthony Lloyd
Lead Artist Mick Hanrahan
Lead Designer Nic Cusworth
Lead Musician Justin Scharvona
Programming Aaron Fothergill and David McEwen
Tools Programming Dan Laufer and James Boulton
Sound Programming Richard Griffiths
Artwork Wayne Billingham, Nathan Burlow, Christophe Moyne and Emma Page
Animation Peter Day, Lisa Springett, Eoin Coughlan, Neil Crosbourne and Owen Jenkins
Design Mark Stephenson and Nick Rodriguez
Music and Sound Effects Karin Griffin and Adam Fothergill
Musicians Noel Langley (trumpet) and Simon Gosling (guitars)
Voice Talent Jonathan Aris
Lead Tester Jake Fearnside
Special Thanks Simon Keating, Angeline Stromberg, Tom Nettleship and John Edelson