Hang Glider Valley

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Hang Glider Valley
Type Normal
Enemies None
Item(s) x7 Gobbos
Village Cossack Village

Hang Glider Valley is the fourth level in Cossack Village. You glide around saving Gobbos and getting crystals. If you land perfectly in the Target, you get ten more crystals, which adds up to 100 crystals, giving you all of your Hearts back.


Go straight at the start through the ring of crystals, which will all be collected automatically, then continue to the first floating Gobbo. Head into the updraft, then veer slightly to the right to rescue the next Gobbo. It's back to the center after that, then to the right around the floating island to collect the RED CRYSTAL. Take a sharp left as soon as you pass the island to get the third Gobbo. Head right and push yourself downwards to pass through a series of crystal rings, with the GREEN CRYSTAL found after the first one.

The second updraft will push you to exactly the right height for the next crystal ring and the Gobbo beyond it, all down the middle of the path. Move to the left and down slightly to collect the VIOLET CRYSTAL before passing under the center woodden arch. Continue flying to the right to reach the BLUE CRYSTAL, followed shortly by another Gobbo, then float left through another crystal ring to the last Gobbo. Move all the way to the right again to collect the YELLOW CRYSTAL. Now, in order to collect the Golden Gobbo Statue, you'll have to have enough lift to reach the end of the runway. If you fail the first time, try again, and this time, from the last updraft, move down just barely enough to collect the Violet Crystal, and don't push yourself down any more after that.

This is a quick and easy level to replay in order to build up your crystal total on your Loyalty Card, for those times when you need to keep buying a particular item to make it through a certain stage.

Crystal Locations

  • Red: To the right of the floating island after the first updraft.
  • Green: After the first crystal ring in a set of three, before the  second updraft.
  • Violet: On the left side, just before the wooden arch with the down-pointing arrows painted on it.
  • Blue: On the right side, after passing under the wooden arch.
  • Yellow: On the right, before you reach the Landing Strip.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Cossack Village - Hang Glider Valley


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