Dante's Final Fight

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Dante's Final Fight
Type Guardian
Enemies Dantini Golems
Item(s) None
Village Inca Village

Dante's Final Fight is the second Guardian level in the Inca Village, and the final Guardian level in Croc 2.


Head uphill to find Professor Gobbo. You must fend off Baron Dante and his minions while the Inventor creates a portal to suck him in. This apparently involves placing Coloured Crystals in certain locations. Baron Dante will use two primary attacks. He will throw Fireballs at you, which will home in on you along the horizontal plane. Keep moving side to side to avoid them, or jump over them. He will also occasionally use his magic on one of the piles of dirt to create a Dantini Golem. These will chase after the Inventor and try to carry him off. Kill them with a tail swipe to prevent them from doing this. It's easiest to kill the Dantini Golems when they are first created, as you can run straight at them then. Every time the Inventor successfully places a crystal, Baron Dante will feel pain, and he will then try to blow you off the mountain peak. Press forward firmly on the [L stick] to hold your ground, and weave left and right slightly as needed to dodge the Fireballs that roll towards you in the wind. Once the Inventor places the fifth Coloured Crystal, it's all over.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Dante's Final Fight


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