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Sailor Village (also known as Oki-Doki) is the first Village in Croc 2. It has a lot of grass, flowers, and beaches surrounding it.

Croc lands here first, where he is introduced to several Gobbos who are checking boxes of Ginger Soda. It also acts as a tutorial of sorts for Croc to explore and get used to his abilities. The Gobbos here wear sailor outfits like the village name implies, with the Gobbo king being an exception.


Sailor Village has a lot of sandy beaches, a large river that runs through the village and much greenery and flowers around the area. It is also home to a few dark caves with mine carts.


Croc 2 Levels

Code Title Type Image
1-1 Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! Normal Level
1-2 Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests Normal Level
1-3 Croc Vs. Dantini Boat Race Normal Level
1-4 Save the Bird from the Thief Normal Level
1-5 Get the Gobbo's Sandwich! Normal Level
1-B1 Soveena the Squid Guardian Level
1-B2 Cannon Boat Keith Guardian Level
1-G Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine Secret Level


Yippee! An image gallery for subject is available at Gallery:Sailor Village.


  • The layout of the village is inconsistent between the PlayStation and PC versions, in that the former starts from the beach and having to turn left, while the latter has you just go straight from the beach.
    • Additionally, in the first area of Sailor Village in the Playstation version, the welcoming sign says "Welcome to Oki-Doki!" In the PC version it says "Bye-Bye!" The sign was reversed likely because it would be silly (yet hilarious) for it to say "Bye-Bye!" upon entry to Sailor Village.
  • In an early screenshot, the door to the front of Sailor Village is absent, suggesting that Croc would have arrived at the entrance leading inside.