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The Secret Sailor Village is the first village in Baron Dante's Secret World in the Croc 2 video game. It is unlocked collecting all four Jigsaw Pieces from each village. Afterwards, Swap Meet Pete will take Croc to this secret village.


The Secret Sailor Village is identical to the normal Sailor Village, with the only differences being that it is inhabited by Dantinis, not Gobbos, as well as the doorway to Soveena the Squid being shut with a bolted door, Swap Meet Pete's General Store being closed, the absence of the Boat, the doors (entrances to the levels are now merely holes in the wall) and the other difference being that in the place of the trampoline there is the cage with the crocodile egg.


The Secret Sailor Village consists of 5 levels wich are in the place of normal levels from the normal Sailor Village. The secret levels are very similar to the levels that they replace, and each level contains a coloured crystal which, when collected, ends the level. The levels are noticeably shorter than standard levels. After completing each level, Croc can save a Crocodile Egg and proceed to the next world, Secret Cossack Village.

Secret Sailor Village Levels
Level name Screenshot

Replaced level

Crystal colour
Sailor Secret 1
Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! Red
​Sailor Secret 2
Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests Green
​Sailor Secret 3
Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine Pink
​Sailor Secret 4
Save the Bird from the Thief Blue
​Sailor Secret 5

Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!



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