Secret Caveman Village

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The Secret Caveman Village is the third and final village in Baron Dante's secret world.


The Secret Caveman Village is identical to the normal Caveman Village, with the only differences being that it is inhabited by dantinis, not gobbos and the other difference being that there is a cage with the crocodile egg.


The secret sailor village consists of 5 levels which are in the place of normal levels from the normal sailor village, these are:

Levels in secret caveman village
Level name Level photo Replaced level
Caveman Secret 1
Find the Wheels in the Jungle!
Caveman Secret 2
Find the Wheels in the Mine!
Caveman Secret 3
Caveman Tribe - Secret Mine
Caveman Secret 4
Climb the Devil's Tower!
Caveman Secret 5

Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!


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