Race Day at Goldrock

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Race Day at Goldrock
Type Racing
Enemies x3 Dantinis
Item(s) None
Village Caveman Village

Race Day at Goldrock is the third level in the Caveman Village.


Hold down [X] to accelerate throughout the race. Stick to the right side of the path initially, where you'll find first the VIOLET CRYSTAL, then the YELLOW CRYSTAL a short while later. The GREEN CRYSTAL is also on the right side, immediately after crossing the water. Stick to the left after this, and when a sandy strip appears beside the road there, drive on it, passing through the skeletal remains to collect the RED CRYSTAL. After passing a couple more bends, and just after passing some water to your right, stay in the right half of the track to grab the BLUE CRYSTAL. Once you've got all five crystals, the GOLDEN GOBBO STATUE will appear just before the finish line (which doubles as the lap marker).

Now, getting the crystals is all well and good, but you also need to win the race. To accomplish this, you'll need to stick to the inside edge of all curves and take care not to crash into anything. When passing a Dantini racer, don't get caught it a pushing match with him, because that will slow you down too much. Instead, just keep a very short distance away as they weave back and forth on the track, and pass them gently at the first opportunity, when they veer off from the shortest side of a turn. You'll have to drive pretty flawlessly to win the race. Even if you lose, though, if you collected the Golden Gobbo Statue, you'll still get to keep it, and the next time you race you won't have to worry about getting the crystals, giving you more time to concentrate and beating each of the three opponents in turn.

You automatically receive 100 Crystals on your Loyalty Card, and a complete Health refill to match, when you win the race.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Caveman Village - Race Day at Goldrock


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