Dante's Peak

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Dante's Peak
Type Guardian
Enemies None
Item(s) None
Village Inca Village

Dante's Peak is the first Guardian level in Inca Village.


This boss fight begins automatically upon completion of the previous stage. Here, Croc will fly the Gobbo Inventor's Plane. Press and hold [Square] to fire the Plane's guns. Use the [L stick] to steer. Note that the vertical controls are inverted (i.e. pressing up moves the Plane down, and vice versa). You will fly towards the mountain peak that Baron Dante is hanging from, while dodging and/or shooting the balloon-mounted Bombs that he tosses up. When you get closer, he moves from behind the peak, and throws Fireballs at you. At this point, you need to fire on him and hit his belt buckle, while dodging the Fireballs. Doing so results in the removal of one point from his life meter. You will then fly past him, and will shortly turn around automatically and do another fly-by. You won't be able to see the peak initially due to the game's poor draw distance, but it will appear soon enough. Hit the Baron three times, and he'll fall down.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Dante's Peak


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  • The name of the level is a reference to the movie of the same name.
  • The level is a parody of King Kong's battle against a fleet of military planes atop the Empire State Building in the film King Kong.