Sailor Secret 4

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Sailor Secret 4
Type Secret
Enemies x6 Dantinis
Item(s) None
Village Secret Sailor Village

Sailor Secret 4 is the fourth level on the Secret Sailor Village.

This level is where the Save the Bird from the Thief level normally is in the normal Sailor Village.


You are inside a cave, you will see a Balloon, you must grab the balloon and fly on it, but drop down before the balloon reaches the end, you must drop down when the balloon is over the platform with the platform box.

Once you drop down, you must smash the box and then kill the middle dantini (you can kill the others if you want but you don't have to) then you jump over the three platforms and get on the ground, you must kill the two dantinis and use the broken platform you created to get to the higher ground, where you will have to kill a dantini and take the BLUE CRYSTAL.


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