Sailor Secret 3

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Sailor Secret 3
Type Secret
Enemies x3 Dantinis
Item(s) None
Village Secret Sailor Village

Sailor Secret 3 is the third level on the Secret Sailor Village.

This level is where the Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine level normally is in the normal Sailor Village.


You will see a broken bridge with two dantinis on it, you must cross it, killing the dantinis on your way, then you will see a platform box, you must first jump on it and then triple jump on it so that you'll both smash it and you will get to a higher ground. Once you're up you must jump on the broken platform and then on the floating bridge, then you must smash the platform box and then using the two broken platforms you created, you must get to the VIOLET CRYSTAL.


File:Croc 2 (PC) - Secret Sailor Village-1423490064


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