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Crocodile Egg

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The Eggs.png

Crocodile Eggs are the eggs of Croc's future siblings. They are seen during the ending on Crocodile Island, under the watchful eyes of Croc's Family. However, as everyone gathers around Croc, Baron Dante slips in and steals the eggs away, into Baron Dante's Secret World, leaving Croc to retrieve the egg from warped versions of three of the Gobbo Villages he has been to.


There are three Crocodile Eggs, placed in each of the secret hubworlds - Secret Sailor Village, Secret Cossack Village & Secret Caveman Village. Initially, they are each locked behind a cage, and Croc will need to collect the Coloured Crystals from each of the levels in order to unlock the cage and save the egg.


  • It was stated in an interview that Croc 3 would have seen Croc training other crocodiles, suggesting that the eggs would have hatched in the sequel.
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