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Unlike Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Croc 2 isn't quite as heavy with unused content. Most of the unused content for Croc 2 is from a few pre-release pictures that have been found. But recently more discoveries have been made, including a test level.


 Description  Image
An early Croc 2 logo.
Croc in a cave facing against an unknown creature.
An early version of the Cannon Boat Keith level, unlike the final game it is set during the daytime and Keith is not on his boat.
Some sort of shipwreck level probably set in the Sailor Village.
An early Cossack Village area, two notable differences are the different Swap Meet Pete store and the throne.
An early version of the Flavio The Thermal Fish level.

An early Sailor Village area, multiple Swap Meet Pete General Stores are seen, one of the with a sign that reads "Bongo Bob" which could perhaps be an early name for the character of Swap Meet Pete.

An early racing area, unlike the final game Croc is riding a raft instead of a boat.
A ship sailing by a small island, the shape around it could imply that originally Croc used a telescope instead of binoculars.
An early Village Masher area. It is rumored that this is the first image of Croc 2 ever released.
An early level (Likely set in the Sailor Village) which features Swinging Dantinis.
Croc in a cave on a raft surrounded by monkeys, this is probably part of the Sailor Village race.
Probably an old Rodger Red Ant area.
An unidentifiable area, possibly from the cut underwater level (see further down).
An early Soveena the Squid area.
An early Rodger Red Ant area, in this picture Roger is visible from the side which is impossible to do in the final game.
An early version of the sailor village.
An early Sailor Village are, there seems to be a mine entrance which does not exist in the final game.
Croc swinging over spikes in an early level.
An early version of the Save the Bird from the Thief level.
An unknown Caveman Village area.
A Caveman Village area with an unused door.
The Hang Glider Valey level with a diferent exit.

Early video

In this advertisement an underwater level is glimpsed, along with a flying level that does not take place above clouds.

File:Croc 2 trailer for Sony Playstation

Unused Swimming level

A swimming level was going to be included in the Caveman Village, much like the original game. This was removed in the final.

Early Demo

An early demo shows a completely different title screen. This same demo contains the unused water level, possibly entirely playable. The model has since been extracted.[1]


An early group shot shows some unused Dantinis, the unused Cowboy Gobbo, the unused monkey enemy and Baron Dante with both eyes.

An advert in a magazine also used some of these characters.

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