The Deadly Tank of Neptuna

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The Deadly Tank of Neptuna
Island Desert Island
Type Guardian
Enemies 1x Vampire Fish

1x Shark

2x Crab

1x Swimming Dantini

Neptuna (Guardian)

Item(s) x41


The Deadly Tank of Neptuna is the fourth and first Guardian level on the Desert Island in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. The level features possibly the hardest Guardian on the game (apart from Baron Dante), due to the fact that the battle takes place entirely underwater. In addition, it is the only level to be completely underwater at all times.


Getting to Neptuna

Swim around, smash the crates, and kill the enemies. Most of the Smash Boxes here give you twelve crystals each. Watch out for the Crabs guarding the exits, as they jump up when you approach. At the end of the second area, pass through the third Electric Fence to get a Heart, then pass the Crab to enter Neptuna's tank.

Defeating Neptuna

Neptuna swims toward you, swings his trident, and is then confused for a moment, at which point you can tail attack him. The trick is to swim close enough to be able to slap him, without running into him and hurting yourself. After this happens twice, then his attacks become a quick series of shots from his trident. At this point, it's best to be below him where he can't shoot you, then swim up and hit him the third time to finish the battle.


  • Electric Fence


The following tracks from the game play in this level:

  • Track 14 "Underwater 1"
  • Track 40 "The Deadly Tank of Neptuna"


File:Croc Legend of the Gobbos (PC) - Island 3 Boss 1 (The Deadly Tank of Neptuna)


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  • The levels title is a pun on the Japanese anime The Deadly Tank, which had a character in it called Neptuna.