Defeato Burrito

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Defeato Burrito
Island Desert Island
Type Secret
Enemies 4x Devil Dantini
2x Swimming Dantini
Item(s) Crystals.png x90

Defeato Burrito is the second secret level of Desert Island. It can only be accessed for those that have collected all 6 Gobbos from the previous three normal levels Sand And Freedom, Leap of Faith and Life's a Beach. This level contains the sixth of eightJigsaw Pieces.


Climb the wall ahead of you. Up top, the Devil Dantinis can't spot you yet. Smash the crate, then quickly take out both Devil Dantinis so you can get the Hearts and climb the wall before they regenerate. Up top, collect the crystals and jump up to the carousel platform overhead. Quick- turn and jump to the next as it approaches, and so on until you reach the Well at the top of the column. Dive on in.

Down below, carefully jump across the intermittent platforms, which move pretty quickly, to reach the small islands. Worry more about landing dead center than about taking out the Devil Dantini, though you have to do that too. Head out carefully to the Heart and back straight across to the door.

Outside, ride the carousel platforms around to the three Smash Boxes up top, then jump from one down to the center. Hop over to the Well in the corner and jump into it. Hop into the water when you land. Underwater, follow the line of crystals to reach the Silver Key. Just move quickly pointing straight down and you'll probably not get shot. Go back up in the rear right corner, furthest from the two Swimming Dantinis, and back out the tunnel you came in. Now you can open the Cage and press the Red Button. It temporarily lowers a platform over the water. Jump to it and ride it up, then hop up to grab the Jigsaw Piece to finish the level.




Yippee! An image gallery for subject is available at Gallery:Defeato Burrito.


  • The level's title is a reference to a type of wrap or taco eaten mainly in Mexico or America.
  • This level is titled Gringo Bingo in an early version.