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The Mainland is a large landmass (presumably a continent) featured in Croc 2. All gameplay in Croc 2 happens in various locations in the Mainland. It is physically separate from the Gobbo Archipelago where the action of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos took place. Croc is sent here to locate his parents.

Known Locations

There are four known divisions of the Mainland, each with a different ruling monarch, climate, theme, and general environment. The Gobbos on the Mainland (and in each village) differ from the ones featured in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. The Mainland Gobbos do not have tails, or are just concealing them and they also wear outfits similar to their villages' theme. They are larger, and just generally look like a completely different creature.

Sailor Village

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  • A harbor town, the Sailor Village is primarily comprised of seafaring Gobbos. It is the first playable location of Croc 2. It is sunny, likely tropical, with many beaches, jungles, and a mine. It is likely that they have a trade economy based solely on Ginger Soda.

Cossack Village

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  • Situated high on a mountain peak, this permanently frozen town is the second location of Croc 2. It is almost always overcast or snowing, and there is little to no vegetation aside from evergreen trees. The Gobbos here are demonstrably more industrially advanced than in other locations.
  • It may be the most geographically isolated city, due to its striking climatological differences with the other three, including the also mountain-bound Inca Village.

Caveman Village

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  • A settlement of technologically primitive Gobbos living in a rocky, volcanic landscape comprises this third location of Croc 2. The sky is constantly dark with volcanic ash, perpetually erupting volcanoes create wildly varied landscapes, and lava is more abundant than water. The Gobbos here live in fear of the dinosaurs that share this location, while using their bones for their main building material. It is likely that the inhabitants have been isolated for a very long time.
  • It may be geographically close to the Sailor and Inca villages, due to similar environmental factors, including climate and vegetation.

Inca Village

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  • Also situated high on a mountain peak, although likely tropical. It boasts the smallest population of Gobbos, and is the smallest (and fourth) location in the game. Birth rates are very high, however, for the small number of adult Gobbos shown. This city is made up of granite temples, marketplaces, and jungle. The final boss battle of the game is located in an abandoned or isolated region of this location.
  • Geographically, it may be located on the same mountain range as the Cossack Village, although it is most likely nearer to the Caveman Village and the Sailor Village due to similar environmental factors.