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Miraheze Gaming Services is a network of closely affiliated gaming wikis that are proudly hosted by Miraheze. It should be noted that Miraheze Gaming Services has not been acknowledged or endorsed by Miraheze themselves. The network was founded by RMV2003 on February 2, 2022 as the Miraheze counterpart of Gaming Wiki Network, but despite having the same founder and several similarities, the two are not affiliated. Croc Wiki is the flagship wiki of Miraheze Gaming Services, just as Jiggywikki is the flagship wiki of Gaming Wiki Network.

Miraheze Gaming Services evolved from the "other gaming wikis" footer that RMV2003 established on December 10, 2021 for Nintendo Wiki, Super Smash Bros. Wiki, and Pokémon Wiki. The footer was specifically inspired & designed after the gaming footers on Wikia in the late 2000s, albeit with a Miraheze style. RMV2003 eventually felt that the footer lacked its own identity, much like the gaming footers have always been on Fandom, and he wanted to better emphasize how the wikis put the interests of gamers first, free of any corporate control and manipulation. As a result, Miraheze Gaming Services was born.

As of March 5, 2022, Miraheze Gaming Services has its own Discord server!