Gobbo Professions

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The professions held by Gobbos determined where they were placed in the social hierarchy the Gobbos enforced. Below is a list of professions a Gobbo could hold.


The King/Queen of a group of Gobbos was the most important position a Gobbo could attain. The King/Queen has absolute rulership over his/her subjects and the Gobbos that live within his/her territory.


A prestigious position, though not as coveted as the King/Queen status. An example is Princess Tara.

High Priestess

A notable position, the High Priestess would announce the kitchen utensil that should be placed down the Gobbo's pants/trousers, with her proclaiming that whatever kitchen utensil used would be the name of the year.

Witch Doctor

An ancient profession which relied on the Gobbo's belief in Witch Doctor practices.


A Gobbo can reach this profession providing that their intelligence is sufficient. An example is Professor Gobbo.


Because the Gobbos were a race that consistently explored the world around them, many inventions were created, such as Cow Moisturizer.