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There are a few ways in which you can create an article. Make sure that you have reviewed the editing guide before publishing the page!



Croc Wiki makes it very easy to link wiki pages using a standard syntax. Any link to a nonexistent page is colored red, and clicking a red link takes you to an editing window for the new article. Simply type your text, click "Save page," and the new page will be created. Once the page has been created, the link becomes blue.


You can use the wiki's URL for creating a new page:

If you replace ARTICLE with the name of the page you wish to create, you will be taken to a blank page which indicates that no article of that name exists yet. Clicking the "edit" page tab at the top of the page will take you to the edit page for that article, where you can create the new page by typing your text, and clicking submit.


If you search for a page that doesn't exist (using the search box and 'go' button on the left of the page) then you will be provided with a link to create the new page. (Note that this technique doesn't work if you use the 'search' button).


A simple way how you can create your own article is through the CreatePage extension (which can easily be accessed by clicking "Create an article" on the sidebar to the left. When you click on the link, it asks you to input the name of the article that you want to create. Once you enter a name, you are taken to an editing window for the article that you want to create.

Create redirects to your new page

If you think another person may search for the page you've created by using a different name or spelling, please create the proper redirect(s). A redirect must read #REDIRECT [[Article name]], and replace "Article name" with the name of the article to which people should be redirected.