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All images added to this wiki must be "free-use". That is, they must be either:

  • Public domain, or
  • Licensed by the copyright holder under a license that allows anyone to reuse the images.
  • Images that fall under fair use


Make sure images are clear when they are uploaded! Do not upload fuzzy images, or images with tags or watermarks on them.

  • To upload images you must be logged in.
  • Click on "Upload file" in the toolbox on the left (under the search boxes)
  • The "Browse" button lets you find the image on your hard drive. Click "open" to select the file.
  • If you want to change the file name, you can do so in the "Destination filename" box.
  • Use the "Summary" box to enter the source of the file and its corresponding license.
  • Click "Upload".

You will be warned if the name will be changed or if there is already a file with that name. You can then decide whether to go ahead or to abandon the upload.

Using images

To use an image in an article, you simply surround the full name (including the "File" part) in double square brackets:

[[File:Example.png]] will give you:
You can resize by adding the size in pixels between two pipes:

[[File:Example.png|50px|]] will give you:

You can make an image a thumbnail an image by adding "thumb" in the same way. If a pipe is there from a previous variable, you don't need to add another:

[[File:Example.png|50px|thumb|]] will give you:

This is automatically formatted to the right of the page. You can change this by adding "left" or "center":

[[File:Example.png|50px|thumb|left|]] will give you:

Anything after the last pipe becomes the alt text or the caption:

[[File:Example.png|50px|thumb|left|Alt]] will give you:

To link to a file without showing it on the page, you can use "Media" instead of "File":

[[Media:Example.png]] will give you: Media:Example.png
To link to the image page instead, use a colon before the word "Image":

[[:File:Example.png]] will give you: File:Example.png
Finally, to create a gallery of images you can use the <gallery> tag:

Example.png | 1
Example.png | Captioned
Example.png | Links can be put in captions

will give you:

Image galleries should only be placed at the bottom of the article, above the "Names in other Languages," "Trivia," "External links," and "References" sections.


As mentioned above, images uploaded are to be licensed. A complete list can be found on MediaWiki:Licenses, which is displayed on Special:Upload. Here are a few examples:


Many templates used on Croc Wiki have a fair use license. What this means is that the uploaded image is subject to copyright, but that United States copyright law allows free use of it for documentation purposes so long as no profit is derived from its use. More information can be found on Wikipedia's fair use article.

Examples of fair use templates:

Other examples
  • {{cc-by-sa-3.0}} shows that the uploaded image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
  • {{pd}} shows that the uploaded file has been released into the public domain, and is unaffected by most licensing laws.


Uploaded images are to include not only the aforementioned summaries and licensing, but also are to include categories as well. Although adding the necessary category or categories to the image via the initial upload summary is ideal, any category can be added to the image's page any time afterward. Newly added categories featured on file pages are to include the same pattern of categories listed. The category or categories added to an image primarily should feature only the important elements of the image.

The category naming should be done in correspondence to each other. The licensing template used on the images automatically adds in a category, so there's no need to add unneeded coding for those categories to the page. All images are to be uploaded featuring a category, or if an image doesn't belong into a content image category, an appropriate category should be found in the image category.


The original help page was written by Codex Gamicus.