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Whenever someone joins the wiki, it is always friendly to welcome the user and let them know that their contributions are valued here. For users, this is done by adding {{Welcome}} on to their talk page, and for IP addresses, this is done by adding {{WelcomeIP}} on their talk page.

MediaWiki messages

There are MediaWiki messages that control the way that new users are welcomed:

  • MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user is the welcome message that's left for logged in contributors.
  • MediaWiki:Welcome-message-anon is the welcome message that's left for anonymous contributors.
  • MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page is the user page that's created for logged in contributors.
  • MediaWiki:Welcome-user -- You can use this page to change the signature that's left in the welcome message, or to turn the feature off. There are three settings for this page:
    • @latest -- This is the default setting. This means that the message will be signed by the latest admin to make an edit on the wiki.
    • Username -- If you replace @latest with a contributor's username, then all of the messages will be signed by that contributor.
    • @disabled -- This turns the feature off, so nobody gets a welcome message. If you turn it off, you can turn it back on again by replacing this with @latest or a username.