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This network has been identified and was used improperly by someone on your network. It has therefore been blocked as a precaution to prevent abuse and damage to Miraheze.
Miraheze tries to be open, but we sometimes must block IP addresses to prevent editing by abusers, vandals, or block evaders. Anonymous editing and account creation may be currently blocked for this IP or range. Registered users, however, are still able to edit. These blocks can affect users who have done nothing wrong. If you are a legitimate user, follow the instructions below to edit despite the block. Users who are the intended target of a range block may still appeal the block.

If you do not have an account (IP editor): If you do not currently have an account and cannot create one elsewhere in the foreseeable future, you may request that volunteers create your username for you. Please follow the instructions at Special:CreateAccount to request an account under your preferred username.

If you have an account (registered user): Please log in to edit.

Administrators: CheckUsers have access to confidential system logs not accessible by the public or administrators due to Miraheze's privacy policy. You must not loosen or remove this block, or issue an IP block exemption, without consulting a CheckUser. Administrators who undo CheckUser blocks without permission from a CheckUser or a steward may be summarily desysopped.