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This template is intended to be useful for creating links to "diffs"; that is, links to pages that show the differences between two versions of a wiki page.

Every version of a page has a revision ID, which you can find from the history of the page by looking at the link for the timestamp, which is of the form:


The number after oldid= is the revision ID.

This template does not require the page name, and provides a diff between a specified revision ID and the one immediately before it (i.e. what changed at a certain ID).


  • oldid – The base ID onto which the diff is generated.
  • section – (optional) The section (anchor) within the page.
  • label – (optional) Text to display as link. No label will give a numbered link.

If 3 parameters are specified (i.e. parameter {{{3}}} exists), parameter {{{2}}} is the section, and parameter {{{3}}} is the label. Otherwise, parameter {{{2}}}, if present, is the label (and the link is to the whole page).

(Consequently, specifying a section but no label can be achieved by leaving the label blank save for its pipe character, as in the fourth example below.)


Code Output
{{Diff2|123456789}} [1]
{{Diff2|123456789|SomeUser's edit to "Some article name"}} SomeUser's edit to "Some article name"
{{Diff2|123456789|External links|SomeUser's edit to "Some article name"}} SomeUser's edit to "Some article name"
{{Diff2|123456789|External links|}} [2]


You can use the following text in place of "Diff2":

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