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This template displays a messagebox listing the users that have disrupted a discussion through block evasion, ban evasion, or sockpuppetry. The template is suitable for tagging discussions for which striking or deleting the comments would not be preferred, which may include closed or archived discussions.


Apply this template to the top of the disrupted discussion, directly underneath the section heading.

This template is able to list up to 10 users. Each user entry requires the following parameter, with the pound sign # replaced by a number representing the user's location on the list:

  • user#: Username

The following optional parameters are also available for each user entry:

For example, the first user would use user1 (and optionally spi1 and lta1), the second user would use user2 (and optionally spi2 and lta2), etc. The number can be omitted for the first user (i.e. user, spi, and lta), but not for any additional users on the list. If the first user parameter is omitted, the first unnamed parameter will be used.


{{Disrupted discussion|Example}}

{{Disrupted discussion|Example|spi=Example}}

{{Disrupted discussion|Example|spi=Example|lta=Example}}

{{Disrupted discussion|user1=Example|spi1=Example|lta1=Example|user2=Example2|spi2=Example2}}