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Template:Warning nowiki broken

This template implements a foreach loop. It interprets a given wikitext (unlike {{For loop}}, which calls a specified template) once for each item in the list.


  • separator is inserted between the results of wikitext interpretation. Whitespace is preserved.
  • wikitext is interpreted once for each item in the list. It then may use {{{1}}} to get the item value, and {{{i}}} to get its position in the list (starting from 1), as well as any parameters that were passed to {{for nowiki}}. It may also contain template calls. To use a parameter passed to the calling template, surround it with </nowiki>...<nowiki> (the opening and closing tags are swapped) or pass the parameter directly to {{for nowiki}} if its name doesn't conflict with any reserved parameters.

Count form

The second form of this template using a |count= parameter interprets the given wikitext count times, passing each integer between 1 and that count as both |1= and |i= each time. By default, iteration starts from 1. Use parameter |start=number to start from a different number. Then the iteration will go from start to start+count-1.



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