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Use this template instead of {{small}} or <small>...</small> to wrap multiple lines of text, or to wrap a template that contains <div>...</div> tags.

This template is a drop-in replacement for {{small}} templates or <small>...</small> tags that wrap multiple lines or wrap a template containing <div>...</div> tags. When a {{small}} template or <small>...</small> tags wrap multiple lines, Linter errors are caused, typically "Missing end tag", "Misnested tag", or "Stripped tag".

The only parameter, |, is the content that is intended to be rendered at a font size of 85% of normal.

Note that if the = character appears in the content, it should be replaced with {{=}}, or the content must be explicitly preceded with |1=. See examples in the table below. Pages ignoring this instruction are likely to appear in Category:Pages using small with an empty input parameter (2).

Examples of uses for {{smalldiv}}
input shows
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
{{smalldiv|{{unbulleted list|One|Two|Three}}}}
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
{{smalldiv|{{hidden||{{nowrap|Ichirō Hatoyama – 394<br/>Nobusuke Kishi – 4<br/>''Others'' – 15}}}}}}
Example with = character in the content (error):
{{smalldiv|Ichirō Hatoyama = 394<br/>Nobusuke Kishi = 4<br/>''Others'' = 15}}
Example with = character in the content using |1=:
{{smalldiv|1=Ichirō Hatoyama = 394<br/>Nobusuke Kishi = 4<br/>''Others'' = 15}}
Ichirō Hatoyama = 394
Nobusuke Kishi = 4
Others = 15

When not to use this template

Remember to "avoid using smaller font sizes in elements that already use a smaller font size, such as infoboxes, navboxes and reference sections", per MOS:ACCESS#Font size and MOS:SMALLFONT. Using this template within an infobox or a navbox reduces the text size to about 75%, which is smaller than the 85% limit prescribed by the MOS guideline.

Template data

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TemplateData for Smalldiv

Tracking category

See also

  • {{monodiv}} (for wrapping multiple lines in monospace formatting)
  • {{bold div}} (for wrapping multiple lines in bold formatting)
  • {{italic div}} (for wrapping multiple lines in italic formatting)

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