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Hello I am Crocrocks, well that is obvious but I think Croc, Ace Combat, GTA and Timesplitters and Call of Duty plus many others are the best games series ever to come out.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a wicked game and Argonaut made Croc 2 all wierd as Croc in Croc 2 is harder to control and Croc 1 is just the best of the 2

I wish Croc would be brought out of retirement and go on to the new consoles for example the Xbox 360 (Could you imagine the graphics?!)

CrocadoodleDoo! Said:

Well, the Croc 2 pc version is MUCH easier to control and that makes it a lot more fun. You should try that! Anyway, welcome to the team. And why don't you post your ideas on the Croc Ideas page? Then we could list it. Be sure to edit here!-CrocadoodleDoo!

Crocrocks replied:

Yeh but I didn't get games for my old computer as it was rubbish and in 1999 when Croc 2 came out I didn't even have a computer but never mind I think I speak for everyone when I say Croc 1 was far the best also I need help with creating a forum topic and why doesn't somebody create a petition to bring Croc out of retirement? I tried but it didn't work

CrocadoodleDoo! replied:

Ugh, that stinks. I really do like the Croc one game, though. I really admire the backgrounds and music. And by forum topic do you mean on the Forum here or one somewhere else or creating a new forum entirely? And I too have tried to make a petition to bring Croc back, but could never get past the password part. Go for it! And you're the first person on this Wiki I don't know! (That means me!)