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Well, I've never made a blog before so here goes,

Hello everyone, I am writing this blog just to tell you that I am sorry that recently I haven't been editing in this Wiki, there are a number of reasons for this, I have been very busy, I wanted to add pictures to the gelleries of Croc 2 but for some reason Croc 2 has stoped working for me, also I have been visiting another Wiki about a game called Five Nights at Freddy's (You have probably heard of is since it's a quite popular game.) so I spend quite some time there instead of here, I haven't been making edits there but I have spent quite some time on its forums discussing theories about the game with other fans (Although most of their theories are extremely dumb.) and generally I haven't had much free time to spend on this Wiki, I will return though, and start editing regularly at some point but I don't know when that will be so I am sorry about it.