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I have decided that every now and again I will be making blogs like this in which I'll be talking about my plans on what I'll be editing, so if anyone wants to help, or just know about it they can look at these blogs. So a big thing I want to do is to go back and replace many old images that have poor quality or maybe have the Bandicam watermark on them (I now use fraps so there won't be any watermarks). Also I would like to add more content to the beta pages, for example fill in the empty spaces in these tables

Also the Croc 3 page should really be fixed since we know that the "Stone of the Gobbos" story was fake. And we should add the soundtrack sections in each level article.

As for the background, I am currently unable to use my computer (right now I'm using my laptop which can't edit images) but it'll most likely be fixed by Friday. 

Also I will probably be spending a little bit more time on this wiki than I've done for the past few months because I will probably (Not sure yet) stop visiting the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki after the huge disappointment that was the fourth game which has made me lose almost all interest in that game or its backstory.

Ok, so these are the things I will be working on, if anyone cares to help me then you are welcome to do so and thank you, if you can't then it's ok, it's just tiring for me to have to do everything here by myself.

Thanks for reading,