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This page is a list of all demos of Croc 2.

PS1 Demo

The PS1 demo is the earliest demo of Croc 2, featuring several changes and an entirely different title scren.

The only level included is Find the Key! Save the Gobbo!, but the disc contains earlier versions of several levels that cannot be played, even through hacking.

It came packaged in a cardboard slip.

Official PlayStation Magazine

File:Croc 2 (Playable Demo) - Official UK Playstation Magazine 48

A demo included in various magazines around Europe.

A bit further ahead, this version appears to have only a handful of minor differences, and much of the level is close to how it appears in the final. Likewise, the title screen is also identical to the final game, although it lacks some of the usual options that the main game includes (such as saving and loading).

PC Demo

File:Let's Play Croc 2- Demo

Unlike the PlayStation demos, this one comes with an additional level to play through - Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests. Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! is also contained on this demo.

This is a very late demo, with very few actual differences between both levels. It was released with certain PC copies of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and was also available on the Argonaut website.

Japanese Demo

A standalone demo for the Japanese version of the game was also released.

It is currently undumped, and may possibly be the rarest of the Croc 2 demos. It was shipped in a similar sleeve to the PS1 demo, although it lacks any color.

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