Ghost Race Challenge

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The Ghost!

The Ghost Race Challenge is a Crystal Door Challenge in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. There are six of these in total, one for each Crystal Door Challenge on every normal level on the Desert Island. Croc must race these Ghosts across a dark Desert themed area taken place outside. Ghosts will take any crystal in their path and more importantly the silver key that it runs into, which is vital for Croc to collect to free the sixth Gobbo or sometimes a red Button to activate platforms before he devours it. When a Ghost reaches the end of the level, it disappears. There are diagrams of the challenges which will show the paths, crystals, and locations of the silver Key. See the specific levels for the diagrams.


  • Don't concerntrate too much on collecting the crystals, just focus on getting the key.
  • If there are forks in the road, instead of going straight ahead go right and sometimes you could cut the distance in half.
  • Just because you found the Cage with the Gobbo/Switch does not mean you've found the Silver Key, always keep moving forward because some stages the Silver Key is at the very end of the level.
  • If he devours the Silver Key, it is too late. If you think he will snag it before you do, you can lose a life by falling off the platform or into a Mud Pit to have another attempt; Remember, if you run out of lives, you'll have to restart the whole level again.


  • This type of Crystal Door Challenge appears on all normal levels on the Desert Island, and only this island.
  • This challenge appears six times, which is more than any other challenge in the game.
  • It is impossible to collect all crystals in this type of challenge as the ghost will pick up most of them.
  • Sand and FreedomLeap of Faith and Life's a Beach contain over 100 crystals, but it is impossible to have 100 or more crystals in these levels due to the above point. In Life's a Beach it would be possible to collect over 100 crystals, but the crystal counter stops at 99 crystals.