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In Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, there are parts of a level which involve Croc to complete a specific task or challenge, usually to earn a Gobbo. There are four main mini-games:

Popping Game

This mini-game involves Croc using a three-button switch to 'pop' a certain character who appears from a hole or pit. Croc must pop enough characters to earn the Gobbo. Note that the name 'Popping Game' is not the official name for this mini-game. The table below shows the prize won depending on the characters popped:

Number popped Prize
1-8 Nothing
9-16 1x Life
17-24 2x Life
25-32 Gobbo


Crystal Catching Game

The Crystal Catching Game involves Croc and two arrow buttons which move a cauldron to the left and right to catch Crystals and sometimes Hearts. If he misses one, the challenge dissapears but if he catches all crystals and hearts, he is awarded a Gobbo.


Box Shuffling Game

Croc is given three Smash Boxes in a separate area such as a cave. It starts by showing which box has a Gobbo inside, and the boxes will shuffle around for about ten seconds. Croc must then choose a box and only one box in which he hopes contains the Gobbo. If he chooses the wrong one, he will be given a Life. Once he has chosen a box, the other two dissapear so if the wrong box is chosen, he cannot get the Gobbo until restarting the level. In the [Tech Demo/0.12 Beta?] the old version shows Beany (or what looks like Beany) to fly around the boxes to make them shuffle.


Box Chasing Game

The Box Chasing Game is a mini-game in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos in which Croc must chase a Smash Box around part of a level and try to jump on it and open it to get a Gobbo hidden inside. It is likely that this type of Gobbo thinks that Croc is a Dantini and is running from it.


This mini-game appears in the following levels:


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