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Several different posters were made to promote the Croc series.


Croc posters are one of the most common forms of collectibles, and the most affordable. They were primarily found in gaming magazines, though other types, such as promotional advertising posters, also exist, though are less frequently seen for sale.

The majority of posters cater to the sequel, likely due to the former's success.

Note: Double-sided posters in this list are currently treated as two separate posters.

Magazine Posters

Image Game Magazine
IMG 3565-1-.JPG Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Saturn Power
IMG 3567-1-.JPG Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Saturn Power
GamesMasterPoster1.png Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Games Master
GamesMasterPoster2.png Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Games Master
Totalgameboycrocposter.png Croc (Game Boy Color) Total Game Boy
IMG 1995.JPG Croc 2 Click!
IMG 0768.JPG Croc 2 Neo
Croc 2 german poster.jpg Croc 2 PowerStation
Screenfun croc poster.jpg Croc 2 Screenfun
IMG 1998.JPG Croc 2 PlayStation Games
Crocposter 1.jpg Croc 2 Playstation MAX Poster
Croc poster 2.jpg Croc 2 Playstation MAX Poster
Croc2 Big Time.png Croc 2 Big Time
PlaymaniaPoster.png Croc 2 Playmania

Other Posters

Image Game Type
MiniPoster.png Croc! Pau Pau Island Promotional Poster
CrocGameboy poster.png Croc (Game Boy Color) Bonus item with the game
CrocBillboardPoster.png Croc 2 Billboard Advertising Poster
Croc2GBPoster.png Croc 2 (Game Boy Color)
Storeposter.png Croc 2 Advertising Poster
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