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Many of the characters and enemies in the Croc series have different attack styles:

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos


Attack Image
Tail attack


Name Attack Image Details
Flibby Right-handed punch, Double punch on floor, swinging punch
In the level Fight Night with Flibby, during the boss fight with Flibby, he has three attack styles. Each punch style occurs depending on how many attacks Croc has done so far.
Chumly Falling on Croc
In the boss fight in the Chumly's Snow Den level, Chumly uses his jetpack in order to fly above him and fall on Croc as it runs out.
Itsy Stomping, Rolling
Itsy uses a stomp attack during a single and double version of Itsy in the boss level Chumly's Snow Den. As four Itsy's, they roll towards Croc in order to attack him.
Neptuna Swinging trident Electric Bolt
In The Deadly Tank of Neptuna, Neptuna swings his trident at Croc and fires electric bolts at Croc. He is the only other boss to fire electric bolts other than Baron Dante.
Cactus Jack Firing spikes, spinning
Fosley Throwing bombs
Baron Dante Charging at wall, Electric bolts, Powerful floor punch


Name Attack Image
Running Dantini Running and touching Croc
Devil Dantini Shooting fireballs
Ice Dantini Throwing ice
Tumbling Dantini
Rat Tail attack
Jumpy Spitting fireballs
Jumping Dantini Jumps on Croc
Stomping Dantini Stomps on Croc and on monkey bars to make Croc fall
Bat Dantini Touches Croc
Fish Bites Croc
Burrowing worm Touching Croc
Dog Touching Croc (appears to approach Croc when nearby)
Kidnapping Dantini First time it touches Croc it steals a Gobbo from him, the second time it damages him
Scorpion Throws fireball
Robot fist guard Punches the ground
Spider Falling on Croc
Mummy Touching Croc
Swipe Swiftly Swinging sword
Ballistic Meg Touching Croc
Executioner Spinning
Swimming Dantini Throws fireball

Croc 2


Name Attack Image
Soveena the Squid Throws barrels at Croc


Name  Attack Image
Swinging Dantini Swings and damages Croc by touching him
Skeleton Dantini Touching Croc
Pirate Dantini Runing and touching Croc
Bee Dantini Flying to Croc and stinging him
Devil Dantini Throws electricity/fire