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Forest 1

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Forest 1
Island Forest Island
Type Normal
Enemies Dantinis
Leaping Dantinis
Jonnie Bee Goode
Fire Dantinis
Item(s) Crystal-gbc.png x 111

Forest 1 is the very first level of Croc for the Game Boy Color. There are four Gobbos to save in the level.


The first area is a forest area. After grabbing the first Gobbo, keep walking right, using the platforms when necessary to reach higher ground. When you see the balloon, leap onto it before it ascends off-screen to access a Bonus Area.

In the Bonus Area, you will find some Crystals and a heart.

Once you come out, leap on the grassy platforms to obtain a B. On the second high ground, you'll see a Smash Box. Smash it open and get the O.

Once you reach the end of the forest area, you'll be in a cave. Again, keep moving right. You'll find another Gobbo on a Smash Box, so save them and continue. Along the way, you'll find the letter N before you finish this area.

Back out in the forest, leap across the first set of platforms. You'll find the letter U on a platform here, so grab it and continue moving forward. When you notice the 6 Smash Boxes (with a heart above them), straight after you'll see another balloon. Leap onto it before it leaves for another bonus!

This level takes place underwater. Just swim to the other side to complete it.

After you finish it, go left, avoiding the leaping Dantini. In this little cave is the final gobbo (aside from the bonus one).

Continue moving right across the level to locate the final part of Forest 1. In this cave level, you'll see the final letter, S. Once you gain it, the door will open to the main bonus area. If you didn't collect it, you can just keep moving on right to complete the level.

Bonus Area

This level's bonus area is a sliding puzzle featuring Flibby. If completed within the time limit, you will automatically save the final gobbo. If not, you'll have to start the entire level again.


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